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Monta Chaya Finally Shutters in Henderson

The search for a new location begins

Monta Chaya
Monta Chaya
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After almost eight months of promising a return to service, Monta Chaya has finally admitted the inevitable and confirmed it is now permanently closed. Upsetting loyal fans of the Monta restaurant brand, the ramen house had methodically posted reopening dates that were never met. The restaurant announced the shutter on Facebook, but has still to update the parent company website.

Offering a sliver of “good news,” they updated, “we are currently looking for another location to open our restaurant at. We will inform you guys as soon as we have found a great location!!”

The 1,343-square-foot space debuted as the Beltway Plaza on Eastern Avenue in April 2013, bringing to the neighborhood a Kurume-style tonkotsu concept, based around broth made from pork bones. The menu featured some exclusive additions to choices still found at its sibling restaurant Monta Ramen in Chinatown, 12 miles to the northwest.

A new Monta location has yet to be uncovered and the vacant space is not yet available for lease. The Beltway Plaza will soon be home to the second location of Henderson’s own Pho King “noodle lab.”

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Monta Chaya

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