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Five Vietnamese Restaurants To Try in Chinatown This Weekend

Pho and banh mi dreams come true in Chinatown

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Oxtail pho at Viet Noodle Bar

Vietnamese food appeals to all of the senses: the scent of a steaming bowl of pho, the crunch of fresh vegetables in a banh mi sandwich, the silky feel of a Vietnamese coffee made with condensed milk, the sight of the colorful spices, and of course, the taste of, well, everything.

Whether it’s a sandwich and a tea to go, a late-night feast of pho and vermicelli or any other meal, Chinatown offers some great choices for Vietnamese food. Located just moments from the Strip, this culinary destination in the neighborhood surrounding Spring Mountain Road appeals to any type of truly authentic Asian dining experience. From traditional to fusion, these must-try Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown suit all diners.

Vietnamese meatball banh mi at Dakao

Only banh mi

This incredibly straightforward restaurant serves banh mi — and that’s about it. Fortunately, that banh mi happens to be inexpensive and tasty at Dakao Sandwiches. Sandwiches are served on soft, fresh baguettes that are stuffed with toppings like lemongrass pork, Vietnamese meatballs and a healthy portion of crisp vegetables and fresh herbs.

Dakao Sandwiches, 5700 Spring Mountain Road; 702-221-0930

Pho Kim Long II

24-hour pho

After stumbling out of a nightclub around 3 a.m., a warm bowl of pho made with beef broth and topped with fresh herbs and chili oil hits the spot. Options galore include beef ball with rice noodles as well as vegan pho. Thanks to its Strip-adjacent location and 24-hour status, insiders turn to Pho Kim Long II, a Chinatown mainstay for those who crave pho, fried rice and noodles at any time of day.

Pho Kim Long II, 4029 Spring Mountain Road; 702-220-3613

Lobster pho at District One

Creative Vietnamese

Named after Saigon’s buzzy nightlife district, this primarily Vietnamese restaurant also draws its inspiration from China, Thailand, Japan and all over the world. Originally from Vietnam, chef Khai Vu blends traditional cuisine with unexpected flavors at District One. The menu features fittingly unique dishes like french fries with oxtail gravy, braised pork belly in coconut juice and the must-order lobster pho.

District One, 3400 S. Jones Blvd., Ste 8; 702-413-6868

Viet Noodle Bar
Viet Noodle Bar
Amelinda B Lee

Sweet and bitter pho

Vietnamese cuisine is all about combining opposite flavors: sweet and bitter, fresh and pickled. At Viet Noodle Bar, diners can savor those distinctive blends through dishes such as salty tripe pho with fresh herbs, vermicelli with sugar cane shrimp, oxtail pho and fish porridge. Savory add-ons like garlic noodles and fried egg complete the meal.

Viet Noodle Bar, 5288 Spring Mountain Road; 702-750-9898

Bosa Boba Cafe

Tea and banh mi

Bosa Boba Cafe serves banh mi along with an expansive selection of fruity tea drinks in a bright and airy space. Diners can enjoy Vietnamese banh mi with fillings like smoked brisket, marinated chicken and pickled daikon and carrots. Drink choices include everything from creamy Vietnamese iced coffee to lychee and peach blended with ice and cream.

Bosa Boba Cafe, 3355 Spring Mountain Road; 702-234-2391

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Viet Noodle Bar

5288 West Spring Mountain Road, , NV 89146 (702) 750-9898 Visit Website

Pho Kim Long II

4029 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102 702-220-3613

Las Vegas

, , NV

Dakao Sandwiches

5700 Spring Mountain Road, , NV 89146 (702) 221-0930 Visit Website

Bosa Boba Cafe

3711 South Valley View Boulevard, , NV 89103 (702) 234-2391 Visit Website

District One Kitchen & Bar

3400 South Jones Boulevard, , NV 89146 (702) 413-6868 Visit Website