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The Golden Knights’ Own Restaurant Has an Opening Date

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Dine and watch the Golden Knights practice on the ice at MacKenzie River Pizza at City National Arena

City National Arena
City National Arena

Fans of Las Vegas’ own Golden Knights hockey team will have plenty of chances to get to know Bozeman, Montana’s MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub once it debuts at the NHL team’s City National Arena practice facility next month. The casual concept, featuring a restaurant and bar, is now hiring and advising successful candidates that the Golden Knights start training in late August, working toward an opening date “on or around September 8.”

The team spent big money on the facility, located a short distance from the Red Rock Resort and Downtown Summerlin. The Golden Knights paid $25 million and $30 million to build the 146,000-square-foot structure that also plans to add a snack bar for visitors. The restaurant spans 6,591 square feet on the upper level and hopes to attract local residents who might not be fans of the game with a menu of more than 70 dishes and a “River Rewards” loyalty program for repeat customers.

Bill Foley, the Golden Knights’ owner and his Glacier Restaurant Group, operates the restaurant, described as a still growing empire and Montana’s dominant restaurant company.

On the MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub menu, $10.50 fish taco skewers, $10 wings, the $13.50 “poutine” burger, a $10.50 pulled pork sandwich, a large selection of pizzas and the $7 "Sky High Cheesecake."

The drinks menu includes $9 martinis, like the “Huckleberry Lemon Drop,” $8 “Smoked Old Fashioned” or “Moscow Mule” cocktails and draft beers ranging in size from a 16-ounce pint to the “34-ounce OMG.”

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