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Ichi Ramen House To Join Rolled Ice Cream in Centennial

The casual dining options keep on coming

Ichi Ramen House
Ichi Ramen House
Bradley Martin

Earlier this month, Rolled Ice Cream was revealed to be expanding its Thai-inspired frozen desserts to Centennial, creating a 1,106-square-foot outpost next door to Port of Subs, close to the intersection of Tropical Parkway and Centennial Center Boulevard.

Now comes word another project is also promising to be “coming soon,” just two doors down. Yet to be announced, Ichi Ramen House will take over the vacant, 1,106-square-foot corner spot. This section of the Centennial Center already includes Cinnaholic, which arrived earlier this year.

Ichci Ramen has yet to release any details about itself or an opening date, while Rolled Ice Cream is hoping to be ready by October.

Facing these three tenants and a few steps away, build-your-own pizza concept My Pie is taking over the shuttered Giani’s New York Pizza & Pasta and will be serving pizza with an East Coast crust, prepared in two minutes inside an 800-degree oven. My Pie has not yet committed to an opening timetable.

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Cinnaholics Restaurant Centennial

7920 W. Tropical Pkwy., Unit 110, Las Vegas, NV 89149