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Veggy Street to Sprout in Spring Valley this Month

A full menu of “plant-based fast food”

Veggy Street
Veggy Street
Veggy Street

First there was VegeWay, now get ready for Veggy Street, serving its own spin on “plant-based fast food” and with equally ambitions plans for expansion.

Created by local Jorge Melatti, Veggy Street will take over a 1,316-square-foot space at Spring Valley’s Fort Apache Plaza and is promising it will be open for business by the end of the month.

Located close to Streets of New York pizza and Squeeze In, it sits near the intersection of Fort Apache Road and Reno Avenue. Featuring “100% vegan options,” and affirming “we do not sell any type of meat, be it red or white,” the original plan was to be open for “breakfast, lunch and coffee.”

On the future menu, falafel and “veggy” burgers, “smart” hot dogs, wraps and sandwiches, sweet potato fries, quinoa salads, organic coffees and matcha hot tea, banana tapioca desserts, plus lime or “apple crushed” drinks.

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Streets of New York

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