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First Chengdu Taste, Now Mian Sichuan Noodles Debuts

Authentic Chongqing flavors arrive in Las Vegas

Mian Sichuan Noodles
Mian Sichuan Noodles

Only a few weeks after rumors surfaced of its expansion from California to Chinatown, Mian Sichuan Noodles has very quietly debuted on Spring Mountain, creating a sibling restaurant to the very popular Chengdu Taste, still serving a short distance away on Schiff Drive.

Launched last year in Alhambra, California, by chef Tony Xu, the Mian concept is built around a menu of zhajiangmian-style noodles, found in the Chinese city of Chongqing and located 167 miles from Chengdu, the source for his earlier great success.

Chef Xu operates three Chengdu Taste locations and made the leap to Las Vegas in late 2015, with an almost identical menu to the originals.

Xu has followed the same policy as Mian, even importing the placemats created by artist Qingtong Li that recommends guests first take a picture of their noodles, then push their chopsticks to the bottom of the bowl to reach the sauce, stir evenly and finally "enjoy your noodle!"

On the menu, helpfully featuring photographs of the dishes and a description of the ingredients, bold flavors and in many cases, a very spicy experience. Appetizers include the $1.99 black fungus, $2.99 steamed egg and minced pork and $4.99 beef in chili sauce.

Main choices include the $8.99 "piquant intestine" and "spare rib," plus the $9.99 “must try” selection of “special gizzard" or "beef pickled noodles." Add-ons include fried eggs, beef, intestine,” bawan bean” and spare ribs. The beverage list includes herbal tea, mung bean soup and "Beijing Yogurt."

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Mian Sichuan Noodles

4355 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102