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Half the Tenants Depart Boulevard Food Court

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The 24-hour fast food outlet shrinks on the Strip

Boulevard Food Court
Boulevard Food Court
Boulevard Food Court

It only debuted in May, but the Boulevard Food Court is already showing signs of trouble. Located next door to Fat Bar and Fatburger and sitting across the Strip from the Monte Carlo, the eight fast casual outlets have been reduced to four, leaving the place without a familiar brand name to lure visitors.

After three months, the AAA Sandwich Co., CookieMufu, Reb Dog and the 21st local outpost of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf have all departed, with their removed logos now hard to miss blank spaces on the exterior signage. Each concept was meant to satisfy a different fast food craving all in one spot, available 24 hours a day.

Currently still open, Voodoo Pizza, Mighty Fries, Cannonball Buffalo Wings & Fingers and an “Express” version of local Mexican restaurant El Dorado Cantina.

Originally proposed back in 2015, the food court was once meant to include a 20-foot-tall fire sculpture, but ultimately toned down the ambitious design plans.

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