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Rolled Ice Cream Centennial Location Revealed

Two are now serving, three more on the way

Rolled Ice Cream 
Rolled Ice Cream 
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Rolled Ice Cream is keeping its promise of operating five local locations by the end of the year. The pioneer in bringing Thai-inspired frozen desserts to Las Vegas now has a confirmed spot in Centennial, already predicted to debut in October.

Its third, 1,106-square-foot site will sit next to Port of Subs, close to the intersection of Tropical Parkway and Centennial Center Boulevard. It joins another recent arrival, Cinnaholic, now serving a short walk away.

Also on the way, a location in Henderson on Stephanie Street, planned to open in either October or November, and the fifth outpost, headed to Spring Mountain Road in Chinatown and also looking at a fall debut.

Rolled Ice Cream
Rolled Ice Cream

The chain launched in Spring Valley last year and expanded to Eastern Avenue last month, freezing ingredients on a flat pan, mixing in fruit and cream and rolling the creation into the now-famous shape.

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Cinnaholics Restaurant Centennial

7920 W. Tropical Pkwy., Unit 110, Las Vegas, NV 89149