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Jake & Eli Restaurant and More to Westin Las Vegas

A huge remodel is underway, including a buffet

Westin Las Vegas lobby lounge
Westin Las Vegas lobby lounge
Westin Las Vegas

Over a year since plans were set in motion to remove its small casino and dramatically upgrade its amenities, a major remodel of the Westin Las Vegas on Flamingo Road is finally underway. The 24-hour, 14,000-square-foot Max Casino closed out last month, shutting down appropriately 150 gaming machines and a handful of tables.

While the plans have shifted since last year, the Lobby Bar, which also served a compact, casual American menu, has recently shuttered and the entire area is now hidden behind plywood. Long time three-meal restaurant Savona Bistro is also closed, now operating as the Pop-Up Savona in a temporary location, with a limited menu, an evening shrimp and prime buffet and breakfast options aimed at hotel guests. It is unclear if Savona will return after the makeover, as updated plans call for a new buffet to be built.

The big new addition will be the Jake & Eli restaurant, expected to serve a spin on a familiar American whisky and steak menu and featuring a back-story of two fictional rivals, one of which appears to be named in tribute to Elijah Craig Bourbon.

Also on the way, a new salon and fitness area. During construction, the Westin’s current Hibiscus Spa and Salon remains open, plus the 24-hour Starbucks Cafe, the only outlet unaffected by the changes.

A timetable for completion has yet to be announced.

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