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Dough Dough’s Hawaiian Cafe Gambles on Vegas

Malasadas are on their way to Main Street

Dough Doughs Hawaiian Cafe & Malasadas
Dough Doughs Hawaiian Cafe & Malasadas
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“Comfort food favorites of Hawaii” are headed downtown, moving into an unusual hideaway in the “Ninth Island.”

Dough Dough’s Hawaiian Cafe & Malasadas will replace the recently shuttered, two year-old Gambler’s Cafe in the northern corner of the Gambler’s General Store, featuring its own side entrance, but highly visible to the retail customers shopping inside.

Dough Dough’s debuted in California's Huntington Beach a little over a year ago, featuring “home style island cuisine” and prompting the OC Weekly to call their malasadas a potential viral sensation to rival poke bowls.

Deep fried dough is coated in sugar and filled will flavors like chocolate, guava, coconut or cream and are a prime motivation for the casual spot's success.

Also promised for Las Vegas, loco moco and ahi poke. In California, the restaurant serves a full menu including breakfast plates and burritos, kalua pork burgers and beef stews.

Yet to be announced by the famous gambling supply company, or the diner, an opening date has yet to be revealed.

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Gamblers General Store

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