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Bubble Mixology Now Chilling in Chinatown

Nitrogen ice cream and bubble waffle cones

Bubble Mixology
Bubble Mixology

Bubble Mixology Nitrogen Ice Cream & Tea

Address: 5980 Spring Mountain Rd., Suite 5-C

Phone: 702-546-6372

Status: Open daily from noon until 10 p.m and later until 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.

Spring Valley’s Sweetspot Nitrogen Ice Cream can lay claim to being the first vendor of liquid nitrogen desserts in Las Vegas, but newcomer Bubble Mixology becomes the first to arrive in Chinatown.

Building on recent crazes for rolled ice cream and bubble waffle cones, the minimalist, 1,323-square-foot space at Spring Mountain’s Commerce Corner Mediterranean Market, close to Jones Boulevard, plays on a science theme for its chilled experiments, with an interior design that includes laboratory flasks and measuring beakers.

Guests first choose a flavor, such as matcha, coffee, vanilla bean, black sesame and TCHO chocolate, then a "carrier" including a matcha waffle cup, or an original style and chocolate "bubble waffle" cone. Prices range from $5 for a small cup to $6.25 for “regular” and $6.50 to $7 for the waffle upgrade.

Almost instantly freezing the ice cream with liquid nitrogen and plenty of surrounding fog, the process can also help create a $5.25 “Honey Lemon Black Tea,” or “Zomba Pearl White Tea,” both priced between $4.25 and $5.25. Other beverage options include matcha teas and lattes, plus black and green tea choices and more flavors promised to be in the works for future desserts and drinks.

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Bubble Mixology Nitrogen Ice Cream & Tea

5980 Spring Mountain Rd., Suite 5-C, Las Vegas, NV 89146 702-546-6372 Visit Website

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