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Kenny Chye To Bring Vegan Fine Dining to the Strip

A “vegan sushi bar” and more is on the way

Chef Kenny Chye
Chef Kenny Chye

Early word comes in about a new mystery project in the works from one of Las Vegas’s most beloved restaurateurs. Kenny Chye, better known to his loyal customer base as chef Kenny, has announced his next project will be named Okra and is headed to somewhere on the Strip.

Carefully holding back details, Chye is promising it will be the Strip’s first all vegan “fine dining” concept and so far, his Facebook account has let slip it will include a “vegan sushi bar,” “Asian organic cooking” and more gluten-free dishes than found in his Chinatown restaurant, Veggie House.

Malaysian-born Chye earned his local reputation premiering vegetarian and vegan Chinese dishes inside the upper-level restaurant, close to the intersection of Spring Mountain and Decatur Boulevard. In 2016 he debuted Vegeway, a “plant-based fast food” drive-thru, initially in the southwest and later expanding to a Centennial location.

An exact location for Okra, or a timetable for completion have yet to be revealed.

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