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Craver Nation Alert — White Castle No. 2 Now Serving

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Las Vegas now has a second location to satisfy the munchies

White Castle

White Castle

Address: 107 N. Fourth St.

Phone: 702-CASTLE - 1

Hours: Open 24 hours

Craver Nation fans now has a second location to pick up the wildly popular late-night snack from White Castle 24 hours a day. The second Las Vegas location debuted over the weekend on the Fremont Street Experience with a menu of sliders, onion chips, chicken rings, French fries, and beer available in 12-ounce souvenir cups. Even breakfast sliders with hash browns make the menu.

White Castle originally toyed with the idea of bringing sacks, crave cases and crave crates to Las Vegas during the Las Vegas Foodie Fest, bringing long three-hour lines of fans who wanted to load up on their favorite sliders. White Castle allegedly sold 20,000 sliders a day at that event. By January 2015, White Castle debuted on the Las Vegas Strip at Casino Royale.

Both locations mark White Castle’s furthest expansion west.

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White Castle Downtown

107 N. Fourth St., Las Vegas, NV 89101 Visit Website

Fremont Street Experience

425 East Fremont Street, , NV 89101 (702) 678-5600 Visit Website