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Ube Alert! California’s Cafe 86 Coming to Spring Valley

Halo-Halo bread pudding and leche flan cupcakes

Cafe 86
Cafe 86
Cafe 86

For those who have only recently noticed photos of violet-hued desserts on their social media timelines or fans, Cafe 86 in Spring Valley wants to be the go-to destination for an intensive taste of ube.

The California-based coffee shop already operates three locations in Chino, Pasadena and Artesia, paying tribute to the owners Filipino heritage and also giving familiar favorite desserts a modern upgrade.

Locally, the cafe takes over a 2,262-square-foot space at the intersection of Jones Boulevard and Russell Road in the Spanish Palms plaza, a short walk from Mr. Mamas. Construction work is underway to create enough room inside for a maximum occupancy of 107.

On the menu, get ready for a full roster of purple goodness, utilizing ube, a root vegetable similar to a yam. Cafe 86 uses the ingredient to create a vibrant Halo-Halo bread pudding, plus ube Pop Tarts, ice cream, pies, and the breakout hit, leche flan cupcakes, large enough to balance a mini flan on top.

A Las Vegas menu has yet to be revealed, but the cafes also serve sandwiches, milkshakes, slushes, teas, coffees, floats, and desserts including “crinkles,” “churrochies,” “butter bars,” and the “ube crack cheesecake.”

Currently hiring, an updated opening date has yet to be announced.

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