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Chicken and Gaming Replaces The Mixx Grill & Lounge

Huffman’s Homemade Chicken heads to Boca Park

Huffman’s Homemade Chicken
Huffman’s Homemade Chicken
Huffman’s Homemade Chicken

The subject of some intense speculation following its recent, but expected, shuttering at Boca Park, The Mixx Grill & Lounge will very soon be replaced with a much more casual concept.

Huffman’s Homemade Chicken will base its menu around a fried chicken recipe created by Kansas City resident Gary Huffman, that became “a huge hit among family and friends, and soon after, all across the city.” A search of Kansas newspapers over the last few decades fails to uncover any chicken-centric restaurant or business run by Huffman in the region.

The new “comfort food” and “family friendly” concept will completely abandon Mixx’s former “South Pacific, Vietnamese, Chinese, Australian, Polynesian” and French-influenced menu.

An early, online preview of Huffman’s’ dishes includes chicken and buttermilk waffles, tenders, wings and chicken pieces, plus salads, pizza, burgers and sides like biscuits and gravy, or white corn casserole.

Filling the substantial, 9,000-square-foot space previously occupied by Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, the patio will still be open to future diners. Huffman’s will also continue to operate Mixx’s gaming license and video poker machines installed in the bar top, indicating members of Mixx’s management remain part of the handover.

Fronted by JP Teresi, The Mixx Grill & Lounge launched in June 2016, with chef Bryan Ogden briefly at the helm, before his rapid departure less than six weeks later. Ogden had traveled to Boca Park following the demise of his Houston fast-casual, fried food concept, Funky Chicken.

An exact opening date for Huffman’s has yet to be announced.

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