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Pinkbox OUT, Donut Mania IN at Fabulous Freddy’s

“Tanked” star Brett Raymer’s donut empire expands

Donut Mania Centennial
Donut Mania Centennial
Bradley Martin

Last month, “Tanked” star Brett Raymer hinted to Eater Vegas of “several strong partnerships” in Donut Mania’s future, part of a long-term plan “to make sure you can get a Donut Mania doughnut no matter where you are in Vegas.”

Raymer took over the local doughnut and ice cream company last summer and the first of those partnerships is now in place, with the Animal Planet star distributing his wares to all five 24-hour outposts of Fabulous Freddy’s.

The doughnuts are being delivered daily from Donut Mania’s South Durango Drive and Simmons Street bakeries. The switcheroo has pushed aside Freddy’s former supplier, Pinkbox Doughnuts.

Donut Mania
Donut Mania

Among the Donut Mania selections at the car washes and service stations, “classics” priced at $1.25 each, or $12 for a dozen glazed, vanilla sprinkle, or “Magic Bar,” and $1.50 each and $13.75 for a dozen “specialty” choices including a “Boston Cream” or “cereal bar.”

The “gourmet” options cost $1.75 each, with a dozen for $20 and include the Oreo cheesecake, wafer banana cream, “Rocky Road,” a “Maple Bacon Crodough” and the “Cherries Jubilee.”

Currently serving at stand-alone shops in Spring Valley, Henderson, and North Las Vegas, a fourth Donut Mania outpost is headed to Summerlin in early February.

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Donut Mania

725 S. Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, NV