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Behold, the Menu and Prices at Eureka! Downtown

A bone marrow burger, Pappy Van Winkle, and corn dogs


The patio on Fremont East is framed, the hiring process ends this weekend, and now the full menu for burger and craft beer concept Eureka! has been hung outside.

Taking over the former home of The Beat Coffeehouse & Records at the Emergency Arts building, owned by its very close neighbors at the El Cortez, Eureka! will officially debut on Feb. 12. Locals are advised to check closer to that date for unofficial early opening days.

Encouraging customers to “Eat. Drink. American.,” opening hours will be from 11 a.m. until midnight, and until 1 a.m. on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The restaurant will serve a weekend brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m and daily “hoppy” hours will also become part of the “contemporary, yet warm rustic environment.”

Specializing in “100% American Craft Beer and small batch whiskey,” Van Winkle “unicorns” from Frankfort, Kentucky, are already promised. The casual dining menu also includes some surprises, with choices such as a “Bone Marrow Burger,” “Pan Seared Halibut” and an “Osso Buco Riblets” shared plate.


Mac N’ Cheese Balls (5x) beer cheese sauce / Fresno chiles $7

Lollipop Corn Dogs (4x) Polish sausage / sweet corn batter / spicy porter mustard $8

Truffle Cheese Fries truffle salt / Parmesan / green onion / white truffle cheese sauce $8

Cauliflower Bites bonito flakes / garlic aioli / lemon zest $8.50

Crispy Glazed Brussels Sprouts orange chile glaze / chimichurri / peanuts $8.50

Osso Buco Riblets sherry braised pork / firecracker aioli $9.50

Chicken Nachos black bean schmear / avocado tomatillo sauce / tomato /

cilantro / Monterey Jack / sliced jalapeño / chipotle sauce / sour cream $9


Steak Salad $15

Grilled Shrimp Salad $13.50

Cobb Salad chicken $13

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad $13

Protein Chopped Salad $8.50


Butcher’s Steak Dip Sandwich caramelized onions / pickled Fresno chiles / horseradish mustard aioli / Havarti / au jus $14.50

Napa Chicken Sandwich grilled chicken breast / roasted Roma tomato / pesto aioli / Havarti / pancetta / arugula $13

Fried Chicken Sliders (2x) mashed potatoes / firecracker aioli / coleslaw $13.50

Blackened Fish Tacos (2x) sautéed white fish / avocado tomatillo / cabbage / mango salsa $12

Chicken Tacos (2x) ranchero chicken / Monterey Jack & cheddar / black bean schmear / pickled jalapeño / pico de gallo / avocado $11.50


Sesame Teriyaki Salmon $20

Pan Seared Halibut $25

8oz Skirt Steak $20


Eureka! American Cheeseburger American Swiss / grilled red onion / butter lettuce / tomato / pickles / special sauce $11

Bone Marrow Burger Limited Availability bone marrow shiitake butter / charbroiled onion / horseradish mustard aioli / roasted Roma tomato $16.50

Bison Burger bacon-infused jalapeño jam / charbroiled tri-color peppers / grilled red onion /smoked mozzarella $16

Jalapeño Egg Burger fried egg / cheddar / bacon / chipotle sauce / pickled jalapeño $13

Veggie Beet Burger housemade red beet and kidney bean patty / pickles / tomato / red onion / arugula / lemon vinaigrette $12.50

Cowboy Burger shoestring onions / bacon / cheddar / beer barbecue sauce $13

Fresno Fig Burger fig marmalade / melted goat cheese / bacon / tomato / red onion / arugula / spicy porter mustard $13.50

Downtown 28 Days Aged Burger carrot fed Angus / aioli / arugula / tomatoes $16

Short Rib Kimchi Burger pork rib angus patty / cheddar / kimchi / garlic aioli $14.50

Turkey Chipotle Burger charred tomato salsa / avocado / feta / arugula $12.50


Sweet Potato Fries / Starter Salad / Broccolini / Coleslaw Salad / Chef’s Soup of the Day $5


Bourbon Barrel Cake candied pecans / caramel / vanilla bean ice cream $8

American Chocolate Budino salted caramel / peanut butter whip / peanuts $7

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520 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV 89101