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Behold, the China Tang Menu at the MGM Grand

“Hammer Chicken,” braised bird’s nest, and live fish

China Tang
China Tang

Continuing the interior design and elevated menu traditions of the late Sir David Tang, China Tang has debuted at the MGM Grand, the first U.S. expansion for the Hong Kong-based Lai Sun Dining company.

Featuring an open bar and lounge area facing Emeril’s New Orleans Fish House, the China Tang dining rooms are hidden behind the bar and have been decorated with traditional and contemporary Chinese art favored by Sir David at his Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore, and London restaurants.

The expansive menu has been overseen by the Lai Sun group’s executive chef Albert Au Kwok Keung, the world’s youngest Chinese chef to helm a three Michelin starred restaurant at the Cantonese-focused The Eight inside Macau’s Grand Lisboa Hotel. In Las Vegas, Executive chef Larry Ng Wai Kwok has been imported from the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

With a focused attention on preparation, authentic ingredients, and a high standard of service, the fine dining arrives with an expected top-shelf price point. China Tang has also remained true to its core customer base, displaying the menu in both US and Hong Kong dollars.

Serving Cantonese, Sichuan, Shanghai, and Beijing favorites, a handful of “signature dishes” require advance ordering and patience, including the Beijing roasted duck carved table-side and the “China Tang Signature Baked ‘Hammer Chicken,’” cracked open before serving.


China Tang steamed “Xiao Long Bao” $15

Steamed pork “Siu Mai” $12

Traditional steamed barbecue pork buns $12

Steamed shrimp dumplings $15

Steamed crab meat dumplings $15

Steamed vegetarian dumplings, bamboo pith $13

Pan-fried Angus beef dumplings $15

Deep-fried glutinous rice dumplings, pork black mushrooms $12

Crispy pork wonton, spicy sauce $12

Crispy shrimp spring rolls $14

Pan fried vegetarian dumplings $12

Crispy vegetarian spring rolls $12


China Tang signature barbecued pork $22

Sautéed minced chicken, Chinese pork sausage, served with lettuce $18

Hand-shredded chicken, salty ginger, spring onion $18

Drunken chicken, vintage rice wines $18

Crispy-fried shrimp ball salted egg yolk $15

Wok-tossed squid, spicy salt & pepper $15

Chilled baby spinach, sesame sauce $12

Braised bean cured skim rolls, vegetables, mushrooms $15


China Tang signature hot and sour soup $15

Shredded duck soup, sun-dried scallops, winter melon $17

Chicken sweet corn soup $15

Chicken broth, bok choy, bamboo pith, chicken slices $12

Spinach seafood soup $17

Double-boiled vegetarian broth, bamboo pith, morel mushrooms $12


Double-boiled Supremes Sundried Seafood Soup (per person) $280

(Advance order required, 6 hour preparation time)

Stewed Air Dried Yoshihama Whole Abalone in Premium Oyster Sauce $160

(18pcs/pound) (Advance order required, 30 minute preparation time)

Braised slice of abalone, green vegetables $95

Braised spike sea cucumber, shrimp roe $160

Sautéed spike sea cucumber onion, leek, spring onion, $120

Sautéed spike sea cucumber, XO chili sauce $120

Braised supreme bird’s nest (per person) $90

Steamed bamboo pith stuffed with bird’s nest, oyster sauce (teo pieces0 $90

Stir-fried supreme bird’s nest, scrambled egg white $90


Wok-tossed prawns, salted egg yolk $38

Crispy prawns, spicy salt & pepper $38

Kung pao prawns $38

Sautéed scallops and prawns, XO chili sauce $36

Baked crab meat in shell 9per person) $24

Braised Chilean seabass, roasted pork ginger, spring onion in clay pot $48

Crispy-fried seabass filet, premium soy sauce $48

Wok-poached grouper filet, Sichuan peppercorns, sun-dried chili $48

LIVE FISH (choice of steamed, fried or braised)

Coral leopard trout (per lb) $100

Sand Goby (per lb) $60

LIVE PRAWN (per lb) $75

Choice of streamed, soy sauce, salt and pepper, steamed with garlic.

LIVE LOBSTER (per lb) $135

Choice of wok-fried with ginger and spring onions, sautéed with black bean sauce, fried in Hong Kong “Bei Feng Tong” style, braised in Cantonese style, steamed with XO sauce, steamed with minced garlic, salt and pepper

LIVE CRAB (per lb) $88

Choice of wok-fried with ginger and spring onions, sautéed with black bean sauce, fried in Hong Kong “Bei Feng Tong” style, braised in Cantonese style, steamed with XO sauce, steamed with garlic, salt and pepper.


Traditional Beijing roasted duck $138

(Advance order required, 60 minute preparation time)

Marinated chicken with Chinese wine in casserole (half/whole) $48/$88

China Tang Signature Baked “Hammer Chicken,” pork, mushroom $108

Pickled cabbage, chestnut (advance order required, 60 minute preparation time)

Classic crispy skin chicken (half/whole) $48/88

Wok-tossed chicken Sichuan peppercorns, spices $28

Crispy-fried chicken, lemon sauce $28

“Three cups” chicken, dry shallots, basil, chili $28


Wok-tossed pork loin, spicy salt & pepper $28

Sweet & sour crispy pork filet, pineapple, pickled ginger $28

Braised pork spare ribs, wheat vinegar $28

Stir-fried Angus beef filet, onion, Cantonese sauce $32

Stewed Angus beef short rib, onion, leek, spring onion $39

Stir-fried diced Wagyu beef, black pepper $45

Stir-fried sting beans, minced pork, vegetables $26

Ma Po bean curd, minced pork, Sichuan peppercorns, chill sauce $26


Sweet & sour vegetables, cashew nuts, pickled ginger $18

Wok-tossed crunchy vegetables $16

Sautéed seasonal greens, bamboo pith $18

Braised bean curd, mushrooms vegetables $18

Wok-fired seasonal vegetables $16


Hot and sour noodle soup $16

Braised noodle, shred pork, soy bean paste $16

“Dan Dan” noodles, spicy peanut sauce $16

Simmered rice vermicelli, chicken vegetables in soup $16

Vegetarian “Dan Dan” noodles $16

Wok-fried rice noodle, slice beef, XO chili sauce $26

Fried rice vermicelli, Singapore style $26

Crispy noodle, pawn, Sichuan chili sauce $28

Wok-fried rice noodle, Chinese broccoli, pickled turnip $22

Braised rice, Wagyu beef, black truffle, wild mushrooms in clay pot $39

China Tang Fried rice, pork shrimp $26

Steamed rice $4

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China Tang

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