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Rolled Ice Cream Barrels Into Centennial This Week

Thai treats arrive

Rolled Ice Cream
Rolled Ice Cream

Thai-inspired frozen desserts made a big splash in Las Vegas, and now purveyors Rolled Ice Cream plan to open a third location this week, this time in Centennial.

The location at 7920 W. Tropical Pkwy. in the massive Centennial Center sits next to a Port of Subs and Cinnaholic, just a short walk away.

Customers choose ice cream ingredients that are mixed together and spread into a thin layer on a flat pan, cooled to -32 degrees. Once frozen, staff rolls the ice cream into a cup.

This 1,106-square-foot location plans to be open daily from 1 to 10 p.m. Assorted candies, fruit, and even potato chips make an appearance on the impressive menu. The Elvis features Nutter Butters, peanut butter, and bananas while the Cookie Crazy uses Famous Amos and Oreo cookies.

Also on the way, a location in Henderson on Stephanie Street, planned to open and the fifth outpost, headed to Spring Mountain Road in Chinatown. Both plan early 2018 arrivals.

The chain launched in Spring Valley last year and expanded to Eastern Avenue last year.

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Rolled Ice Cream Centennial

7920 W. Tropical Pkwy., Las Vegas, NV 89149 Visit Website