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Gordon Ramsay Surprises His Chef with a Renovated House

Plus Vito Spatafore from ‘The Sopranos’ may be headed to Vegas

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Christina Wilson and Gordon Ramsay on  “My Houzz”
Christina Wilson and Gordon Ramsay on  “My Houzz
My Houzz

PHILADELPHIA — On the heels of opening his fifth restaurant in Las Vegas, chef Gordon Ramsay did a favor for his group executive chef Christina Wilson, all captured on film. The man behind the new Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace partnered with remodeling and design site My Houzz to renovate the first floor of the row house in Philadelphia of Wilson, who won season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen. The new space, designed by Ramsay and Philadelphia-based designer Michael Ferrarini, features an open floor plan, an industrial-chic kitchen design, and renovated living room and dining room. He “wanted to do something special for Christina, as she means so much to our whole Gordon Ramsay Group family,” Ramsay tells Architectural Digest. “So, while she’s been working in Las Vegas opening the first Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, I used Houzz to help find a local Philly designer to do the renovation. We surprised her with a new kitchen, dining, and living room.” [Architectural Digest]

Christina Wilson’s row house before the renovation.
My Houzz
Christina Wilson’s row house after the renovation.
My Houzz

LAS VEGAS — Actor Joseph R. Gannascoli, who played Vito Spatafore on the hit HBO series The Sopranos, may be headed to Las Vegas with some guest chef stints. Page Six reports that the actor “is in talks with several restaurants in Las Vegas to make weekly guest appearances.” Gannascoli worked as a chef before being cast on the show, and most recently, showed off his spaghetti carbonara in a giant wheel of Parmesan in Queens and Long Island. Interesting side note: actor Steven Schirripa, who played Bobby Baccalieri on The Sopranos, was the entertainment director at the Riviera up until 2000. [Page Six]

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