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Wahoo’s Wants a Restaurant and Gaming in Centennial

A big splash for the fish taco specialists in the northwest

Wahoo’s Fish Taco
Wahoo’s Fish Taco

Wahoo’s Fish Taco already operates three local outposts and for its fourth expansion the owners hope to continue to draw a family crowd and customers who seek a drink and game of chance during their visit.

Current plans propose the building of a 4,885-square-foot gaming tavern, with a 550-square-foot outdoor patio, at the northeast corner of Farm Road and Durango Drive, inside a busy retail hub anchored by an Albertsons grocery store.

Similar to its locations on the westside, in Spring Valley and Henderson, the bar would be kept separate from the main dining room, add gaming machines to the bar tops and plenty of mounted TVs tuned to sport.

Created in 1988 by three Chinese-Brazilian brothers, whose heritage has helped infuse the casual menu, the house specialty is Baja, California-style fish tacos, created with wahoo or Mahi-Mahi. Locally, the restaurant debuted in 2011, expanding to Boca Park a year later.

The new location currently has some obstacles to overcome, including some vocal opposition among close neighbors due to its proximity to a school and child care facility and local residences. The project begins its trip through the local approval process this month.

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