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SkinnyFats Jumps on the Cold-Press Juice Craze

ColdPress Express has three locations coming soon

Juices at ColdPress Express
Juices at ColdPress Express

SkinnyFats has far more than a happy and healthy side of the menu now. Two locations already have sidekicks selling cold-press juices.

ColdPress Express already has locations at 6475 N. Decatur Blvd. in North Las Vegas and 8680 W. Warm Springs Road next to those SkinnyFats. Coming soon, another at the Downtown Summerlin, opening in March, and at the Stephanie and American Pacific location, which will open this spring. The Dean Martin location has plans to open a ColdPress Express by summer. That location is going through a remodel with an estimated construction budget of $510,840.

Cold-pressed juices include That Good Green filled with green vegetables, lime, and mint; the Kombatbucha, dubbed a fizzy way of eating apple pie; Beet It Up, a lighter version of a beet juice with orange, cucumber, strawberry, and lime compel; and the Facelift with pineapple and coconut.

Smoothies include a fruit version dubbed the SkinnyFATS Punch; and the Gold & Sour that combines grape and pineapple with blackberries and lime, while premium blends such as Berry Dem Seeds with blueberries and acai and If You Like…. that’s reminiscent of a piña colada round out the menu.

ColdPress Express also offers a $3 Juice Club, where members pay $10 a month to purchase unlimited 12-ounce juices for $3 at any ColdPress Express location.

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