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Another Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant Heads to Chinatown

Healthy dishes, conveyor-belt service, and win prizes at your seat at Kura Sushi Bar

A sushi bar
Kura Sushi Bar

The first confirmed dining tenant at Spring Mountain's under construction, 57,566-square-foot Shanghai Plaza is a global leader in creating revolving sushi restaurants, with more than 400 locations outside the United States.

The Kura Sushi Bar will take over space A109, joining as many as 50 fellow businesses and conveniently located across the road from the Chinatown Plaza. The new development originally hoped to be ready by the end of 2018.

Kura Sushi’s huge menu is proudly additive-free, including its “ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, and broths” and the dishes move around the restaurant on a plate and flip-up lid combination known as “Mr. Fresh.”

Special orders can be placed via touch-panel terminals at each seat and the food then arrives via a direct conveyor belt.

Diners can also play an addictive game at their seats. When five finished plates are placed into a slot in the machine at each table, an animated film will play and customers have a chance to win a “bikkura-pon” capsule prize, ranging from stickers to small, collectible figures, to replica pieces of sushi.

The newly filed paperwork has estimated the construction budget at $400,000, with no announced completion date. Kura Sushi currently operates 17 U.S. locations in Texas, Georgia, and California.

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