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Million Dollar La Cave Makeover Begins Today

The restaurant will return just in time for the New Year

 La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway 
 La Cave—Wine & Food Hideaway 

One day early, an impressive remodel at the Wynn resort’s La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway will create a temporary closure at the restaurant until the end of the year.

Scheduled to return on Dec. 31, just in time to celebrate its eighth anniversary, La Cave allocated an estimated construction budget of $1.4 million earlier this year to cover both an interior remodel and a yet-to-be specified “addition” to the restaurant.

Created by the Morton Group’s Jenna and Michael Morton, the space currently occupies approximately 3,000 square feet, featuring a front bar area, a wine cellar-inspired interior, and the extremely popular outdoor dining terrace, a favorite for Sunday brunch for both visitors and locals.

No word yet if the upgrades will extend to the menu created by executive chef Billy DeMarco and specializing in savory plates from the “sea, farm, oven, garden, grill and butcher” designed to be paired with the extensive wine list.

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La Cave Wine & Food Hideaway

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