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A First Look Inside the Menu at Roy Choi’s New Restaurant

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Best Friend opens tonight

Ban chan at Best Friend
Ban chan at Best Friend
Audrey Ma

Roy Choi, the Los Angeles-based Korean chef, unveils his barbecue menu replete with favorites from La La Land at the Park MGM tonight.

Best Friend features a liquor store in front, replete with a counter for ordering quick bites and merchandise for sale. Diners then head into the main dining room to find some of his favorite dishes from Los Angeles, found on an LA section of the menu, as well as newcomers such as large-format dishes meant just for Las Vegas.

The self-described Korean barbecue joint merges Mexican influences, with a menu developed with Diego Echavarria, executive chef at Choi’s former dining outlets at the Line Hotel in Los Angeles. Choi calls Best Friend a “barbecue restaurant or a dim sum parlor on a Sunday afternoon,” where “all your manners go to the wind and you’re licking your fingers and reaching across the table and talking with your mouth full.”

The restaurant, open daily from 5 p.m. to midnight, may indeed feature breakfast and lunch down the line. Choi created the kitchen to accommodate 24/7 diners.

Here, a first look at the menu, and although no prices were included, Park MGM describes the price point as low.


Daikon, broccoli, cucumbers, flat chives, kimchi, spinach, sprouts


Cucumbers and Jjang

Persian cucumbers, soy bean chili paste, sesame

Silken tofu with dipping sauce

soy, vinegar

Los Vegas salad

mixed greens, farmer’s market veg, chili soy dressing

Korean Wings

chili, citrus, lychee


pork, beef, ginger, tofu, spicy dipping sauce

The Big E from the O.C.

kimchi fried rice arancini, ikura, ponzu

Braised and charred octopus

spicy braised, onions, squash, sesame


Uni Dynamite rice

Santa Barbara uni, Sriracha, yuzu, sesame

Kimchi fried rice

caramelized kimchi, poached egg

Chego pork belly bowl

fried egg, radish, broccoli, cotija, peanuts

Frito Misto Rogers

shrimp, sweet potato, carrot, green beans

Spicy cold noodles

chili sauce, house pickles, egg, sesame



Korean BBQ marinated bone-in short rib

Spicy pork

thin sliced belly & shoulder, kochujang, sesame

Garlic chicken

soy marinated jidori thighs

BBQ veg

baby bok, long beans

BBQ shrimp

jumbo prawns, yuzu marinade

LA Sh*t


kewpie mayo, lime juice, tajín, cotija, cilantro

Slippery shrimp

crispy rock shrimp, chili mayo, walnuts

Kogi short rib tacos

Korean BBQ, salsa roja, cilantro-onion-lime, chili soy slaw

Carnitas tacos

salsa verde, cilantro-onion-lime, radish

Shaking beef saltado

filet strips, fries, onions, peppers, cilantro

A-Fram OG ribs

baby back, hoisin-chili, green onions, sesame seeds

Eggplant schnitzel

dijon, soy, mirin

Commissary carrots

charred, salsa verde, cotija

Pots: For the Table


spicy veggie stew, tofu, sesame,

Tamarind black cod stew

glass noodles, onions, ginger,

Dori Tang

spicy braised chicken stew, potatoes, noodles, carrots, onions.

Kimchi jjiggae

pork belly, tofu, scallions, herbs


corned beef hash, sausage, fish cakes, spam, lil’ smokies, ramen, herbs

Large Format

Lobster kung pao

Maine lobster, peanuts

Caviar tostadas

1-ounce tin / 8-ounc tin

classic accompaniments, crispy tostada shells, salsa

Lamb rack

roasted whole, kimchi chimichurri, garlic veggies

Grilled who fish

garlic ponzu, garlic veggies

Chili cheese spaghetti

beef chili, onions, tabasco

Dry-aged steak

bone-in ribeye, gochujang maître d’hôtel butter


Fries and sambal mayo


Chef’s choice vegetables

Fried bologna sandwich, a street dog, and fries at Best Friend, on the late-night menu
Fried bologna sandwich, a street dog, and fries at Best Friend, on the late-night menu
Audrey Ma
Elote at Best Friend
Elote at Best Friend
Audrey Ma
Spicy pork barbecue at Best Friend
Spicy pork barbecue at Best Friend
Audrey Ma
Garlic chicken barbecue at Best Friend
Garlic chicken barbecue at Best Friend
Audrey Ma
Korean wings at Best Friend
Korean wings at Best Friend
Audrey Ma
Chego pork belly bowl at Best Friend
Chego pork belly bowl at Best Friend
Audrey Ma
Soondubu at Best Friend
Soondubu at Best Friend
Audrey Ma
Tamarind black cod stew at Best Friend
Tamarind black cod stew at Best Friend
Audrey Ma
Saucy shrimp, covered in edible flowers, in a white dish
Slippery shrimp at Best Friend
Audrey Ma

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Park MGM

3770 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV 89109 Visit Website

Best Friend

3770 South Las Vegas Boulevard, , NV 89109 (702) 730-6770 Visit Website

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