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Choco-latte Now Serving the ‘Perfect Blend’ in the Southeast

Cakes, desserts, gelato, and 100 percent Colombian coffee


Promising a “new experience” for coffee shop dwellers and making sure the decor and menu items are ready for Instagram snaps, Choco-latte has debuted at the southeast's Pecos Plaza, replacing the former Luciano Garden and Crisp Sandwich Co.

Located close to the intersection of Pecos and Russell roads, the 1,563-square-foot corner space has decorated the walls with greenery and added shabby-chic chairs and tables for single diners or gatherings of friends.

Joining a traditional collection of coffees and teas, customers can also opt for Chemex, French press, and dripper coffee preparations, plus $2.99 affogatos and the “black and white” created with condensed milk, espresso, and milk foam.

Featuring a range of $5.99 gelato and sorbets, the dessert options include $2.50 cupcakes, a banana split, chocolate, red velvet and cheesecakes, ice cream brownies, tiramisu, and macarons.

Choco-latte, 5715 S. Pecos Road, 702-927-8282. Open daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Crisp Sandwich Co.

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