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California’s Creamistry To Freeze in the Southwest

“Nitroshakes,” affogato and liquid nitrogen ice cream make the menu

Creamistry Choco Pie Nitroshake
Creamistry Choco Pie Nitroshake

An acknowledged West Coast pioneer in creating liquid nitrogen ice cream, the very rapidly expanding California brand Creamistry will launch its first local expansion in the southwest later this year.

Moving into the Rainbow Warm Springs Retail Plaza, Creamistry’s frozen desserts have been mixed at negative 321 degrees since 2013, and will soon slot in suite 110, neighboring Metro Diner, Kung Fu Tea, and JinJu Chocolate.

Promised to be coming soon, construction paperwork was recently filed to build a counter stacked with ice cream making machines that billow with clouds from the liquid nitrogen cooling process.

Peering through plumes of smoke, customers first choose a “premium, organic, or non-dairy sorbet base” before the liquid nitrogen is injected into the mixing bowl with the ice cream mix.

Served in “regular” large and “Nitroshake” portions, dishes can be upgraded with a waffle, brownie, or chocolate bowl. Affrogato and “Nitrofloat” beverages are also available.

Among the toppings, Cocoa Puffs, marshmallow cream, cheesecake bites, mochi, and a recently launched, limited edition “Choco Pie Nitroshake.”

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