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New Owners Take Over the Barn at Farm Basket Chicken

The 40-year-old restaurant is getting its orange rolls back

The Gobbler Sandwich at Farm Basket Chicken

A 40-year staple in the Las Vegas dining scene now has new owners. Steve Perrault, the owner of Farm Basket Chicken, the fast-food restaurant with its fried chicken and turkey sandwiched and trays of fries, sold his company to a group of locals and plans to retire.

Billy Bayne, Steve Cook, and Kerry Walters plan to bring back some cherished dishes such as the orange rolls fans loved while adding new dishes such as hand-breaded chicken tenders to the mix.

“When I was a kid at Bonanza High School, I used to go there three times a week for a Gobbler and Clucke’tos,” Bayne says. “My mom would buy the orange rolls by the dozen for after school snacks.”

The trio wants to honor the vintage character of the restaurant with its familiar barn motif while expanding the brand to five to seven locations in Las Vegas and beyond. They also plan to launch a food truck that will bring the restaurant’s Gobbler and Clucker sandwiches to the masses.

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Farm Basket Chicken

6148 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89146

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