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Gelatology Loses Its Leader This Weekend

Desyree Alberganti departs, hands over the shop to new owners immediately

Amelinda B Lee

Six months shy of a third anniversary in the southwest, Desyreé G. Alberganti has confirmed the sale of Gelatology and is encouraging fans to “join us for a farewell on Saturday, Feb 3, after 1 p.m. for a small gathering, where you will meet great people, enjoy fun flavors and have a good time.”

The departure was long expected at the shop located inside the Southwest Marketplace retail center at the corner of Rainbow Boulevard and Windmill Lane. Alberganti searched for suitable new owners to take over the brand and recipes before handing over the keys and leaving Nevada to spend more time with her family.

Via social media, she confirmed the retail store intends to remain open and the buyers will also work to wholesale distribute the creative gelato creations.

Gelatology was launched after Alberganti departed downtown’s Art of Flavors, citing “‘unavoidable circumstances’ that “forced [her] to part ways and dissolve this business.”

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7910 S. Rainbow Blvd., Las Vegas, NV