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Korean Coffee from Gäbi Coffee & Bakery Heads to Chinatown

‘Exotic, But Stylish’ coffee shop offers a “greehouse roasting room”

Gäbi Coffee & Bakery
Gäbi Coffee & Bakery

First revealed last August, Gäbi Coffee & Bakery is racing to debut in March at the Mountain Point Business Park on Spring Mountain, already home to Taiwan’s Chatime, Hobak Korean BBQ, and the Tokyo-style dishes at Ramen Hashi.

The 2,944-square-foot Korean coffee concept will welcome customers to an “exotic, but stylish” interior that appears to be carefully following early plans created by locals W G Constructors. The coffee shop and bakery will add a “greehouse roasting room,” indoor trees, vintage hardware, Edison bulbs handing from driftwood, and window ledge seating, built with stacks of books looking out onto Spring Mountain Road.

Currently hiring, Gabi’s full menu has yet to be revealed, but will serve a full range of coffee drinks, baked goods created on site such as croissants, bread, Danishes, tarts, and cakes, plus sandwiches and savory choices featuring dressings and sauces made in house.

The cafe’s name is inspired by the 2012 Korean historical drama, Gabi, based on the failed 1898 assassination attempt of King Gojong by spiking his cups of coffee with opium.

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Ramen Hashi

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