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Toast Cafe Headed to Southwest

Mermaid toast, almond butter and “avo egg salad” recipes

Toast Society Cafe
Toast Society Cafe

Branding itself the “first gourmet toast, smoothie & coffee bar” in Las Vegas, social media watchers who have been craving “unicorn,” sweet potato and lox and toast combinations will soon find a home at the Toast Society Cafe in Spring Valley.

Created by Rachael DeVaux, who will focus on the menu, and her sister, Madeline, and fellow partner Alissa Veretennikov taking care of the cafe, construction paperwork was recently filed for the space, currently aiming for a spring debut.

The concept will take over 1,560 square feet at the Pine Plaza retail hub, next door to Port of Subs and a neighbor to Griddlecakes, near the intersection of Fort Apache Road and Patrick Lane.

True to its name, the “chic-casual café will be your destination for gourmet toasts (multigrain, GF and sourdough), nutritious smoothies, and premium coffees… obviously all trendy enough for Instagram.“

A Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 is still in effect and among the menu creations already promised for backers and future customers, coconut chia pudding, matcha coffee, and avocado egg salad.

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