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Pizzeria Monzú Debuts with Italian Street Fare

Pizza, bruschetta and more

Pizzeria Monzú
Pizzeria Monzú

Pizzeria Monzú

Address: 6020 W. Flamingo Road

Hours: Open from 5 to 10 p.m. daily

Chef Giovanni Mauro’s latest pizza concept is now serving Italian street fare inside the original home of Nora’s Italian Cuisine. One of three sons of restaurateur Nora and father Gino, who made Nora’s such a hit, Mauro took over 4,522-square-foot of the original space after the Italian restaurant moved 900 feet down Flamingo Road into a new purpose-built restaurant last year.

Mauro already operates the casual counter-service Old School Pizzeria in North Las Vegas on Craig Road. At Pizzeria Monzú, he hopes to introduce Las Vegas to what he calls an “authentic pizza experience … sharing recipes cultivated from his proud Sicilian heritage.”

Below, the entire Pizzeria Monzú menu:

Piatti piccoli

Olive ascolane. sausage stuffed green olives. breaded. $6Squash blossoms. ricotta. mint. parmigiano. $12

Bacon wrapped dates. parmigiano. parsley. $8


Chicken wings. stuffed with sausage. pecorino. farro. herbs. $10

Stuffed lemon leaves. ground beef, pork, garlic, mint, pecorino $10

Sweet & sour meatballs. castelvetrano olives. pine nuts. anchovies. mint. $11

Salumi & FormaggiSalumi. chef’s selection of house prized salumi. grilled bread. $15

Formaggi. chef’s selection of artisan cheeses. grilled bread. $15

Parmigiano al balsamico. 24 month aged parmesan. aged balsamic. $12

Mega board. combination of all the above. $38


Pani cunzatu. roasted garlic. gianfranco becchino olio verde. caciocavallo. anchovies. $10

Burrata. oven-cured tomatoes. basil. cracked pepper. $12

Caponata. eggplant. castelvetrano olives. pine nuts. pantelleria capers. ricotta salata. $11


Giovanni’s salad. tomato. fennel. cucumber. onion. fresh mozzarella. vinaigrette. $12

Mista. iceberg lettuce. romaine. radicchio. endive. raisins. mascarpone cream. $12

Antipasto. romaine. arugula. tomatoes. onion. mozzarella. salame. ham. chick peas. mediterranean olives. roasted bell peppers. house vinaigrette. $13

Rucola. arugula. mushrooms. parmigiano. lemon vinaigrette. $11


Calabrese. artisan salame calabrese. hot peppers. black mediterranean olives. t.b.m.* $18|$34

Simple. crushed tomatoes. basil. mozzarella.* $15|$28 with pepperoni. $17|$32

Regina margherita. crushed tomatoes. cherry heirloom tomatoes. basil. buffalo mozzarella. e.v.o.o. t.b.m.* $19|$36

Classic combo. sausage. pepperoni. black mediterranean olives. caramelized onions. mushrooms. bell peppers. t.b.m.* $18|$34

Pork reigns. pulled braised pork. house-made sausage. apple-wood smoked bacon. ham. salame calabrese. guanciale. t.b.m.* $19|$36

The Old School. rapini. black mediterranean olives. 6.5 min egg. white anchovies. t.b.m.* $18|$34

Vegas meets Italy. scamorza. mozzarella. ricotta. pistacchio. dates. heirloom tomatoes. arugula. prosciutto. date cream. $19|$36

Vegetariana. heirloom tomatoes. mediterranean olives. spinach. eggplant. onions. peppers. rapini. mushrooms. garlic. t.b.m.* $19|$36

Five cheese pesto. scamorza. mozzarella. ricotta. parmigiano. pecorino romano. pine nuts. basil cream. $18|$34

Apricot. bacon. goat cheese. pine nuts. arugula. $18|$34

‘Nduja. gorgonzola. walnuts. honey. $19|$36

t.b.m.*. indicates tomato. basil. mozzarellaVerdure di stagione

Grilled artichokes. lemon. mint. shallots. garlic. e.v.o.o. $10

Cicoria & zarchi. chicory. chard. garlic. e.v.o.o. $7

Cauliflower affogato. mixed cauliflower. red wine. pecorino romano. anchovies. black olives. $8

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Pizzeria Monzú

6020 West Flamingo Road, , NV 89103 (702) 749-5959 Visit Website

Nora's Italian Cuisine

5780 W. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89103