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Yonaka Switches Its Name and Menu

A kaiseki menu comes out every Wednesday through Saturday

Tamari duck breast, fresh tuna with a ponzu reduction, and miso salmon with yuzu at Yonaka by Chef Ramir
Tamari duck breast, fresh tuna with a ponzu reduction, and miso salmon with yuzu at Yonaka by Chef Ramir

Yonaka Modern Japanese swaps out its name and menu for something a bit different. Now the restaurant is called Yonaka by Chef Ramir, for owner Ramir DeCastro, who is now only offering an 18-course kaiseki menu every Wednesday through Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m. The restaurant, which opened in 2013, features courses made with “seasonal, exclusive and exotic ingredients.”

The two to two-and-a-half hour experience starts with sakizuke, a gift from the chef of Japanese scallop, uni, cauliflower dashi, yuzu, and ikura. Then comes zensai, a seasonal appetizer of tamari-glazed roasted duck breast with confit potato, tuna with ponzu reduction and pickled daikon, and miso salmon with yuzu sauce and yasai tempura. A soup course, futamono, features smoked dashi, sea bass, edamame tofu, wakame, and negi.

Two sashimi dishes follow, one with citrus marinated Japanese yellowtail, fennel, white soy, and yuzu and organic Scottish salmon, navel orange supreme, endive, and sanbaizu; and the other with bluefin toro, akami, madai, hirame, shigoku oyster with ponzu and fresh wasabi. Yakimono, a grilled course, features triple seared A5 Kobe beef, parsnips, baby beets, onion relish, and sake braised cherries, followed by muslimono, a steamed course of kaluga caviar chawan mushi.

Next, agemono, a fried course of black cod, tiny vegetables, and saffron citrus sauce. Sushi with eight pieces of seasonal nigiri comes before mizumono, a green tea and confection course of Granny Smith apple granite, caramel, and crème fraiche tapioca pudding serve with a warm imperial matcha. Dessert features sea salt caramel ice cream, chocolate, and sugar tuile.

The dinner goes for $125 per person.

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Yonaka Modern Japanese

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