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Updating the Nacho Daddy Westside Expansion

“Gourmet nachos” expected to receive the green light

Future home of Nacho Daddy
Future home of Nacho Daddy
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Quick progress on plans for the fourth local home of Nacho Daddy, headed to the westside’s Medical District Area later this year.

Expected to receive permit approval from the City Council later this month, the eight-year old local brand will move inside the corner space at 900 S. Rancho Drive, close to the intersection with Charleston Boulevard.

A complete transformation will create a 3,300-square-foot main dining room, offering plenty of regular seating options, plus corner booths, a long communal table in the center of the space, and a 23-seat bar that has already allocated room for five potential gaming machines.

Outside, the 1,200-square-foot patio will sit across two slightly raised levels, following the existing contoured layout of steps and ramps. Under the shade of umbrellas, guests will have views of neighbors Pad Thai, Broadway Pizzeria, and a Roberto’s Taco Shop within the same retail hub.

Designed by downtown’s Jawa Studio, the exterior will be remodeled with metal sidings and a wood finish that will dramatically improve the building’s facade.

Serving the self-described “MOST INSANE GOURMET NACHOS” since 2010 and also the place to go to brave a scorpion shot, Nacho Daddy has yet to announce the new move or reveal an estimated future debut date.

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Nacho Daddy Westside

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