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The Full Bar Opens at Lotus of Siam

The Thai restaurant gets its liquor license

The bar at Lotus of Siam
The bar at Lotus of Siam
Breslin Builders

The long wait for a liquor license at Lotus of Siam ended over the weekend. Chef Saipin Chutima’s northern Thai cuisine can now be accompanied by the Gewurztraminers and Rieslings that pair so well with the spicy dishes.

The restaurant now has a full bar serving wines and cocktails. Breslin Builders continues to work on the wine cellar and private dining room at the new restaurant on Flamingo Road.

Fans will remember the Lotus of Siam shut down its original location on Sept. 11 after its rain-soaked roof in the Commercial Center on East Sahara Avenue collapsed. The family moved into the former Roy’s Restaurant location on Restaurant Row on East Flamingo Road, with Breslin Builders renovating the 7,921-square-foot space with a new wall to close off the open kitchen, plus new paint, flooring, and equipment.

The new location offers about half the space of the original in the Commercial Center, where Breslin Builders works on repairing the 17,000-square-foot space. Then, both locations will remain open.

Owner and chef Chutima won a Best Chef: Southwest from the James Beard Foundation in 2011 for her northern Thai fare. This year, Lotus of Siam landed on the James Beard Foundation’s long list for Outstanding Wine Program this year.

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Lotus of Siam

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Commercial Center

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Lotus of Siam FLAMINGO

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