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A New Day Cafe Closes To Make Way for Slater’s 50/50

“Burgers, bacon & beer” are headed to the southeast

Four hambugers and fries
Slater’s 50/50

California's bacon and burger expert Slater’s 50/50 finally has the empty space it needs launch its first expansion into the Las Vegas market,

As revealed, but yet-to-be formally announced, New Day Café has shuttered in the southeast and is in the process of relocating to the Cactus Marketplace retail hub on Decatur Boulevard and near Cactus Avenue.

The move will take a “few months” and fans of New Day’s breakfast and lunch menu are being directed its Henderson outpost at 2840 Bicentennial Parkway, open daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Slater’s 50/50 will now move into the easy-to-spot corner site close to the intersection of Silverado Ranch Boulevard and Bermuda Road.

Operating six California restaurants and one in Dallas, Slater’s has earned a passionate following for its combination half ground beef and half ground bacon burger patties.

An estimated opening day in Las Vegas has yet to be announced, but the restaurant is expected to feature a menu featuring stacked high burgers, “fried bacon mac n’ cheese balls” and pulled pork sliders shared dishes, “loaded fries,” “Guinness bacon chili,” plus milkshakes like the “bacon brownie” and the strawberry Pop-Tart that can be upgraded with “Three Olives Chocolate Vodka.”

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