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A Second Revolving Sushi Restaurant Plans To Open in Chinatown

Konbea Belt Sushi is opening soon on Spring Mountain Road

Konbea Belt Sushi rendering W G Constructors
Konbea Belt Sushi rendering by W G Constructors
W G Constructors

Sapporo Revolving Sushi pioneered the Las Vegas automated sushi dining experience last December and a new rival is set to debut soon, just under a mile to the west.

Konbea Belt Sushi will become the first dining tenant inside the very distinctive, white box-shaped mixed-used building at 5645 Spring Mountain Road. So far, the Konbea team has kept many details under wraps, but the new exterior signage is up and the restaurant is hiring, promising sushi will be delivered around the space on a high-tech conveyor belt.

Opening hours or an exact arrival date have yet to be announced.

The interior space has been designed by Chinatown specialists W G Constructors, whose next project, Gäbi Coffee & Bakery, is also almost ready for its unveiling.

Sapporo’s conveyor belt delivered selections are priced as low as $2.50 and for dishes that need to be cooked to order, diners use an iPad to further automate the process.

The restaurant will next be applying the technology to a barbecue concept. Master Kim’s Korean BBQ is also touted as “coming soon” to the Durango Arby Plaza, close to the intersection of Durango Drive and Arby Avenue in Spring Valley.

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