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Automated Korean Barbecue Joins Conveyor Belt Sushi

Machine “waitstaff” will deliver ingredients to your seat

Master Kim’s Korean BBQ
Master Kim’s Korean BBQ

While rumors float of a second kaiten, conveyor belt sushi restaurant headed to Chinatown, the first restaurateurs to debut automated Japanese dining in Las Vegas already have another machine driven concept on the way.

Sapporo Revolving Sushi, the creators of Sweet Poke and Ichi Ramen House, are expanding to Spring Valley and will launch Master Kim’s Korean BBQ by the middle of the year.

Part of the restaurant's draw will be an automated “special express delivery system” that will dispatch the ingredients to the table for cooking.

Preview videos posted to social media hint at all-you-can-eat selections of “fresh meats, veggies and entrees” arriving on plates atop an illuminated vehicle that stops right by your seat. On the menu, future diners can expect “all the familiar Korean BBQ you’re accustomed to.”

Master Kim’s will take over suite 100 at the Durango Arby Plaza, close to the intersection of Durango Drive and Arby Avenue, already home to Ramen KoBo and Pier 215.

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Sapporo Revolving Sushi

4671 Spring Mountain Road, , NV 89102 (702) 915-7500 Visit Website

Master Kim’s Korean BBQ

7070 S. Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89113