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The First Indian Drive-Thru in Las Vegas Shutters

Desi Burrito is looking for a new home

Desi Burrito
Desi Burrito
Bradley Martin

Numerous tips confirm that Desi Burrito has closed on the eastside, leaving only a small note attached to the menu board to alert fans of the end of its Indian and Mexican fusion menu.

Created by the owners of Mint Indian Bistro, still operating in the same Flamingo retail center as the burrito-shaped drive-thru, the food stand says it is “working to move our operation.” The operators have yet to update its dormant status online, or on social media.

Offering no additional hint of what will become of the healthy fast food concept, the entire structure could be moved with the same equipment that brought to this site in early 2016, facing The National Atomic Testing Museum and a short walk from Lotus of Siam.

Featuring burritos, tacos and bowls, filled with uncommon ingredients like masala potatoes, lamb stir fry and paneer chili, guests could also sample “mumbai chat” sides, like masala fries, pani puri and vegetable samosas.

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Mint Indian Bistro

730 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89119 702-894-9334