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A Fourth and Fifth Chick-fil-A Are on the Way

Pick up a sandwich on your way to the airport


Two years after it was first revealed, Chick-fil-A is back on schedule to debut its fourth local expansion and updated paperwork is pushing to create a fifth home for its chicken sandwiches.

Originally approved for construction in 2016, a series of modifications to the site plan and the neighboring Starbucks drive-thru coffee shop have contributed to the delay. Chick-fil-A will build its 4,529-square-foot restaurant at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and George Crockett Road, currently an empty plot of land.

The closest location for travelers at McCarran International Airport, the plot is one mile from the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets and just under two miles from the Mandalay Bay resort.

An estimated timetable for completion has not been announced. Nor has Chick-fil-A acknowledged the expansion. But the updated permit filings are expected to be approved by Clark County officials.

Also in the works, a fifth location on the westside. Requiring demolition before it rebuilds, Chick-fil-A will tear down the shuttered Joe’s Crab Shack at 1991 N. Rainbow Blvd., close to Lake Mead Boulevard and the Best In The West Shopping Center. Still under wraps from the Georgia-based parent company, a series of work permit fillings for this location have increased in recent weeks.

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