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A Food Truck Paradise to Chinatown?

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Dozens of food trucks, serving seven days a week

Future site of Chinatown food trucks
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It’s a bold plan that might not make it to fruition, but the new owners of a large, empty plot of land on the eastern edge of Chinatown want to to create a semi-permanent home for as many as 36 mobile food trucks. With a diverse menu collection a top priority, the project hopes it will intrigue as many Strip tourists, as curious locals.

Located at the corner of Spring Mountain Road and Procyon Street, the area was once proposed as the wildly optimistic future site of a 600-room resort hotel and casino.

With the boom years long gone, permission has been filed to fill the space with four rows of food trucks, covering a 4,860-square-foot area. The main dining section will cover an additional 5,195-square-foot section.

Parking for 112 cars has been included in the planning and a restroom trailer will be installed.

Imagined to be open every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., the owners have not yet revealed any possible permanent, or temporary, food truck tenants.

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