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VegeWay Steps Aside for New Vegetarian Restaurant in Centennial

A new healthy home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Blinder’s Burgers & Brunch 
Blinder’s Burgers & Brunch 

Blinder’s Burgers & Brunch is pushing to debut before the end of April inside the former Centennial home of another healthy, fast-casual restaurant, VegeWay.

Built around the concept of “plant based food meets junk food indulgence,” new details indicate the operators hope diners will treat the space as more of a restaurant than a quick grab-and-go alternative.

Seeking permits to serve draft beer and wine and the opportunity to pour champagne mimosas during brunch, opening hours are planned to be 8 a.m. to 10 p.m daily. Current construction is upgrading the previously spartan space with rustic wood panels and a large mural.

Still keeping the drive-thru window, future menus will feature “non GMO, all natural, and local ingredients when available,” and include nine different burgers, side dishes of rosemary fries, onion rings, a cup of soup and black beans, plus “Munchies,” including fried pickles, an “onion tower,” “Not Your Nachos” and “poutine fries.”

A brunch menu will offer pancakes, waffles, and burritos to pair with the mimosas.

VegeWay was created by chef Kenny Chye in September 2016, but he parted company with this Centennial location back in January. His new Chinatown restaurant is also hoping to open within the new few weeks.

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