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Seafood Restaurant Water Grill Plans a 2019 Opening

Seafood platters, copper bar tops, and more

Shellfish platter at Water Grill
Shellfish platter at Water Grill
Water Grill

Water Grill, the vaunted seafood restaurant out of Los Angeles, makes it official. In 2019, the restaurant plans to open in the former Spago space at the Forum Shops at Caesars with a menu changing daily.

A raw bar and chilled shellfish menu features Pacific and Eastern oysters, as well as clams, scallops, lobster, sea urchin, and crab, all supplied by Kings Seafood Distribution, which delivers fresh fish directly to the restaurant through its internal distribution team.

Diners can watch dishes made in an exhibition kitchen that features large sea water tanks displaying the ever-changing menu of live fish and crustaceans. The lunch and dinner menus will feature more than a dozen varieties of fish options as well as a whole fish options with different preparation styles.

Hatch Design takes on the design of the restaurant, which will include the signature copper-top bar, reclaimed wood flooring, and a patio spilling into the Forum Shops at Caesars. A private dining room offers space for up to 80.

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