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Blinder’s Burgers Replacing Vegetarian Restaurant in Centennial

“Plant based food meets junk food indulgence” is on the way

Bradley Martin

A fast-casual switcheroo in Centennial will replace one local vegetarian venture with a new meat-free concept that promises “junk food indulgence” on the menu.

Aiming for an April debut, Blinder’s Burgers & Brunch will take over VegeWay’s “all vegan drive-thru” at the intersection of Centennial Parkway and Durango Drive. Created by former chef Veggie House chef and owner Kenny Chye in September 2016, Chye parted company with the Centennial VegeWay in January.

Blinder’s is touting “non GMO, all natural, and local ingredients when available,” highlighted by a roster of nine burgers, with names like the “Swiss Alp,” Garden Grazer” and the “Kitchen Sink.” Side dishes of rosemary fries, onion rings, a cup of soup and back beans will join a “kids menu” and “Munchies,” including fried pickles, an “onion tower,” “Not Your Nachos” and “poutine fires.”

An exact closing date for the handover has not been revealed. Chef Chye is also hoping to make an April deadline, launching Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant at Chinatown's Rainbow Center retail hub soon.

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6410 North Durango Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89149