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Liquid Nitrogen ‘Dragon Breath’ from Chocolate Chair Is on the Way

“When you eat it, you look like a dragon because you can blow a fog-like gas through your mouth and nose”

Chocolate Chair
Chocolate Chair
Bradley Martin

The first Los Angeles store to premiere liquid nitrogen ice cream is now making its first out-of-state expansion to Las Vegas and construction has begun to introduce its famed “Dragon Breath” dessert to the Strip.

New plywood confirms a February reveal that Chocolate Chair will slot into suite 606 at the Grand Bazaar Shops, close to the Swarovski crystal boutique and a short distance from the Las Vegas Boulevard entrance.

Chocolate Chair
Chocolate Chair

Since 2016, the house specialty has been the Korean-inspired “Dragon Breath,” a serving of “fruity cereal puffs soaked in liquid nitrogen,” that creates a white fog through the mouth and nostrils when customers take a bite, “mimicking the smoke coming out of a dragon’s mouth.”

The plywood also promises “artisan macarons” and a rarity for the Strip, boba milk tea. The compact space will serve “nitrogen organic ice cream” sourced from California's Straus Family Creamery, plus vegan and sorbet iced treats.

Chocolate Chair has announced the debut is “coming soon.”

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