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Jamaican Eats and Drinks Take Over the Arts District

Jammyland serves a mix tape of cocktails

Ugali sticks at Jammyland
Ugali sticks at Jammyland


Address: 1121 S. Main St.

Phone: 702-800-9098

Hours: Open Tuesday through Saturday from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m.

A new Jamaican-inspired bar now graces the Arts District on Main Street. Jammyland features large front patio with string lights and fire pits with two wall murals. Inside, a modern industrial interior.

Cocktails range from $10 to $12 and include the shotgun shack with distilled champurrado, a Mexican chocolate drink, with whiskey, lemon, and spiced vanilla syrup, and the Stranger Tings with Armagnac, Rhum Clemént VSOP, buckwheat honey, and English breakfast bitters.

A short list of bar snacks includes meat or veggie patties; ugali sticks made with polenta and coconut; chickpea with Jamaican curry sliders, jerk chicken wings; smoked ribs; and rice and peas with jasmine rice.

Below, the drinks and bar snacks menu.

Natural Daiquiri $10

Nature’s perfect alcohol delivery system.

Plantation Three Star Rum, fresh lime, some raw sugar, no bull.Mista Savona f/ Anyilena + Randy Valentine | Vibracion Positive

Juniper Flats $12

If gin weren’t meant to be in tropical swizzles it would have grown legs and run off.

Tanqueray Gin, lime, guava, canela, AvernaThe Clash | Safe European Home

First rodeo $12

Think of this stirred sipper as rosé for cowboys. Maximum respect to its inspiration, the inimitable mixtress Julie Reiner.

A mélange of Bourbons, St. George Raspberry Eau de Vie, Martini & Rossi Ambrato Vermouth, Lillet Rouge, raspberryPrince Fatty feat.Horseman | Shimmy Shimmy Ya

Brazilian necktie $12

The Gordon’s Cup was such a nice cocktail until it started hanging out with us.

Serrano & Anaheim Pepper-Infused Avua Prata Cachaça, lime, cucumber, turbinado syrup, smoked sea salt & cracked pepper Natiruts | Raçaman

Joy ride $12

It’s like driving a stolen jeep through an orchard high on peyote. Not that we’ve ever done that.

Reposado Tequila, pear puree, fresh-pressed granny smith apple juice, lemon, rosemaryOzomatli feat. Slighty Stoopid | La Bamba

Apache knuckleduster $12

How you bring a knife to a gunfight: Attach it to a gun by welding in brass knuckles. It’s that kinda Old Fashioned.

Wild Turkey Rye, Double IPA-Imperial Stout Syrup, Meletti & Luxardo Bitter Amari The Skatalites | Guns of Navarone

Reckless Abandon $12

This one goes out to the most explosive thing from Hawaii since volcanoes: @eatrecklessly. We wouldn’t be here without her.

Smith & Cross Navy Rum, lime, Sangue Morlacco Italian Cherry Liqueur, Amaro Cio Ciaro, pineapple Pepper | Reckless

Shotgun shack $12

We distilled champurrado down to its essences so you can responsibly enjoy as many as you like.

Mellow Corn Bonded Whiskey, lemon, spiced vanilla syrup, aqua faba The Aggrolites | Countryman Fiddle

Stranger TINGS $12

Armagnac rarely graces a cocktail list. This is us amending that injustice and celebrating our forbidden love for its rusticity.

Larressingle VSOP, Rhum Clemént VSOP, buckwheat honey, English Breakfast Bitters

Bran Van 3000 feat. Eek A Mouse | Shopping

Genuine Article $12

Being different doesn’t make you any less authentic. This sour applauds a mezcal that eschews smoke for pure agave flavor.

Mina Real Reposado Mezcal, oolong-peach tea, lemon, honey, Amaro Nardini

Antidoping | Rudy (en vivo)

Supply and Demand $12

If economics were taught in a cocktail bar we would have paid more attention.

A whole shot of Angostura Bitters, Carpano Antica Vermouth, lemon, raw sugar

Bunji Garlin | Tun Up

Damn close Mai Tai $12

As home of The Killdevil Coalition, we’re defending this venerable classic from its legions of imitators. #deathtofalsemaitais

Appleton Estate 12 year, Rhum Clemént VSOP, lime, our own curaçao & Allan’s orgeat

Tim Armstrong | Among the Dead

Stranger Tings at Jammyland

Bar Bites

Snacking Patties $5 ea.

The British colonized the globe leaving pasties in their wake. In Jamaica, the locals spiced ‘em up & blessed us with the patty.

Meat | Grass-fed & grain-finished beef from Utah, turmeric pastry, our curry spice blend, chiles, thyme, cilantro sauce

Veggie | Seasonal squashes, zucchini, red bell pepper, turmeric pastry, fresh ginger, galangal, cayenne, kaffir

Ugali Sticks $7

It was only a matter of time before someone fried the African comfort food to become a bar snack.Polenta, coconut, Applewood-smoked clover honey

Cho-cho Salad $7

Need to simmer down? This rules as coolly as Gregory Isaacs. Vegan option available. Just ask!

Chayote squash, green onion, cilantro, toasted almonds, young ginger, fish sauce, habanero, lime juice

Jammy Sliders $9

These hulking, flavorful little burgers represent a forbidden love between species.

Beef & pork blended patties, habanero aioli, house-made pickle, brioche

Chickpea sliders $9

There’s nothing impossible about using chana dal vada as the inspiration for a meatless slider that panders to no one.

Chickpea fritter, Jamaican curry blend, turmeric, tamarind, brioche

24-hour Jerk Wings $12

We get it. It’s what you came for. These are *not* the pile of tiny drumsticks and legs you might expect.Our birds lived well and each wing is 1/3 of a pound, just as nature intended.

Whole wings jerked for 24 hours and smoked in-house.

Smoked Ribs $14

Jerk chicken is awesome, but there’s so much more to the method. Let’s get messy.

Dry-rubbed with coriander, allspice, cumin, turmeric, star anise & misted with apple cider vinegar & brown sugar. Smoked to tenderness and finished with Grayer’s habanero pepper jelly.

Rice & Peas $5

Adapted from the West African Akanese, Grayer’s subtle amplifying of this JA staple is one we’re quite proud of.Jasmine rice, coconut, allspice, brown sugar, shallots, garlic, kidney beans, green onions, habanero

Sweet mash $5

Often called by its Indian name, Batata, this nutritious side dish pairs perfectly with our ribs.

Sweetpotatoes (actual spelling), coconut milk, honey, brown sugar, bananas, oranges

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