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Could Nick Cannon’s Hip Hop Sports Bar Be Headed to Las Vegas?

Yes, it’s named for his MTV show “Wild ‘N Out”

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon

Sure, why not? Rapper Nick Cannon opens a sports bar with a hip-hop theme in Miami over Memorial Day weekend with plans to head to Las Vegas.

Wild ‘N Out Sports Bar & Arcade, which takes its name from Cannon’s improv comedy show with a hip-hop flair on MTV and MTV2, plans to open in Miami, then San Diego, Hollywood, New York, and Las Vegas, ET Online reports.

Cannon plans a full arcade with interactive games along with memorabilia from his show. The full-service sports bar will serve wings and nachos, as well as cocktails and frozen drinks. Live entertainment and comedy shows join Wild ‘N Out Girls auditions.

”When you create a destination and an environment that people are drawn to, it can go anywhere, so we’re going to start restaurants and we’ll go all the way to comedy academies,” he tells ET Online, calling it the first hip-hop sports bar “ever.”

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