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Suncoast Lands a New Gastropub Soon

90 Ninety Bar & Grill Gastropub will debut later this month

90 Ninety Bar & Grill
90 Ninety Bar & Grill

Named after its address on Alta Drive, the 90 Ninety Bar & Grill gastropub is just days away from a debut at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino.

Kept under wraps by the resort since paperwork was filed last November, a recent social media post shared some of the new restaurant's walls would be decorated with retro, star-shaped lighting salvaged from the demolished Stardust Resort & Casino. The Suncoast launched six years before the demise of the vintage Strip casino in 2006.

Downtown's Novus Architecture, the same team that created Peng Zu Asian Cuisine at the Suncoast last year and also the Balliwick gastropub at the Orleans in 2016, designed the space, and unofficially revealed May 16 as 90 Ninety’s opening date.

Featuring an industrial, loft-style ceiling, brick and reclaimed wood walls, and large mounted televisions, the gastroub will also provide access to an outdoor patio.

Currently hiring, future opening hours and menus are still yet to be announced.

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9090 Alta Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89145 (702) 636-7111 Visit Website