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Habib’s Persian Restaurant Switches Owners

Shiraz Restaurant takes its place

Habib’s Persian Cuisine
Habib’s Persian Cuisine

Habib’s Persian Cuisine, the restaurant with Iranian and Persian food at Decatur Boulevard and Sahara Avenue, closes after more than 20 years. Owner Habib Asadsangabi decided to retire.

In its place, restaurateur Raja Majid plans to open Shiraz Restaurant, serving Persian cuisine while expanding the menu with Indian and Pakistani fare. Majid also plans to revamp the restaurant with a new bar and patio seating. The restaurant plans to stay open during the renovation.

Majid previously owned Origin India for more than 11 years. In April 2017, while taking care of his ailing father overseas, Majid left the operations of the restaurant in the hands of his partners, and during this time is when the health code violations occurred. Majid realized this was not the way he managed his restaurants so he made the decision to part ways and explore other ventures.


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Origin India

4480 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169 702-734-6342