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Tang Tang Tang 2 Almost Ready in the Southwest

The “most delicious bowl in the world” is on the way

Tang Tang Tang 2
Tang Tang Tang 2

A speedy remodel in the southwest has Chinatown’s Tang Tang Tang announcing its new location will be ready to serve its Korean ox bone soup by the end of the month.

Promising it is “almost there,” the hard-to-forget Tang Tang Tang 2 will take over the shuttered, 1,760-square-foot Asian-fusion concept MamaOH at the South Rainbow Square retail center on Rainbow Boulevard, close to Wigwam Avenue.

Cheerfully promoting itself as serving the “most delicious bowl in the world,” the original Spring Mountain Road restaurant cites “fresh quality ingredients” and “exact cooking methods passed down” to the family-run operation as the roots of its success.

This expansion will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and future diners should expect the menu to feature beef brisket, ox knee, and oxtail soups, braised or barbecue beef and pork ribs, hot pots, noodle dishes, and imported Korean beverages.

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